TALHI Board Nominations Now Open
We invite you to submit nominations to the TALHI Board of Directors. You may nominate yourself or others and may submit more than one nomination.
Nominations received will be forwarded to the TALHI Nominating Committee that will recommend one candidate for each of the available director positions. The final slate of candidates will be voted on by TALHI’s full membership. Individuals approved as directors will serve three-year terms. 
Nominations may be made by clicking on the link below. There is no limit on the number of individuals you may nominate, and as indicated above you may self-nominate if you are interested in serving on the board. Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday, April 2.
Criteria for an Ideal Board Member
  • Must be a Regular Member in good standing
  • A strong background in the life and health insurance industry in Texas
  • Willing to give his/her time and energy to further the industry and the association 
  • Able to think strategically about TALHI and the life and health industry 
  • Able to work well with the board chair and the executive director, and be easy for the membership to approach with their concerns and issues 
  • Able to make decisions based on the good of the overall life and health industry, while promoting consensus, cooperation and participation by all board members 
  • Understands the staff and budget constraints of TALHI
  • Has an appreciation and understanding of diversity
Additional information on TALHI board membership, the nominating process and responsibilities of board members is listed below for your review. Please contact us if you have questions. 
Thank you for your continued support of TALHI.
About the Board of Directors
The TALHI Board consists of the five (5) officers (chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and past chair) and twelve (12) directors. At least five (5) directors shall be officers of the smaller insurance companies, determined by assets. Directors serve three-year staggered terms so that directors are elected annually by the voting regular members.
What do board members do?
Board members are responsible for the strategic and long-term planning of the association. While TALHI staff and volunteers are typically responsible for the execution of TALHI programs and agendas, it is the role of the board to define the agenda and set the direction of the association. The member will be expected to allocate time for board meetings and to attend the annual meeting.
What do board members get in return for their service?
Along with the appreciation of all TALHI members for their service, board members have reported significant professional and personal rewards, including professional recognition; the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from industry leaders; and the opportunity to see their ideas enacted to improve TALHI and the life and health industry in Texas.
What is the nominating process?
Regular Members of the association are encouraged to submit nominations to the Nominating Committee. The bylaws only allow Regular Members, not Associate Members, to serve on the board. Individuals may nominate themselves. The Nominating Committee will review the nominations and recommend one individual for each of the available director positions. The membership will vote on those candidates.
What is the Nominating Committee?
According to our bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall consist of at least five members, two of whom shall have served as chair for the association.
When will the newly elected board members begin to serve?
The newly elected directors will begin their three-year term on June 1.